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Welcome to my world of art! I'm Michelle, creator of Shellnova. For me, art is more than just a hobby – it’s a passion. I believe that art has the power to transform spaces, inspire people, and connect us all in meaningful ways. As an artist, I take great pride in creating work that reflects my client’s vision and personality. Whether you’re looking for something different, a colorful painting, a peaceful landscape, or something completely custom, I am here to bring your ideas to life. 

Any requests? Get in touch below :) 


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Get to Know the Artist Behind the Art

My journey as a self-taught artist started long before I even realised it. It wasn't until Covid-19 hit that I discovered what I was truly capable of. Through ShellNova, my art and my passion were finally given an outlet. My craft allows me to capture the essence of nature, both on land and undersea. 

 My creations are inspired by the beauty of Ireland, the depths of the ocean, and the vastness of space. I seek to merge these elements in my art to create something truly unique and special. My pieces are an exploration of color, texture and form that reflect my interpretation of the universe.

Art has always been my go-to therapy, and creating it brings peace to my soul.  I am a creative who loves dabbling in everything, from painting and creating resin items to making personalised gifts and jewellery - all of which are one-of-a-kind. I want my art to be an experience, so every piece comes with special packaging that's just as unique as the artwork itself.

As an artist, I believe that art has the power to connect us all. I hope to create pieces that evoke emotions, spark conversations, and inspire creativity. I invite you to take a journey with me through my art, and hope that it brings you as much joy as it brings me.


Discover the Magic Behind

As I started figuring out who I am as an artist, I found myself drawn to the way dying stars move in space - it's like they're dancing. These cosmic events, called supernovas, really spoke to me and gave me a sense of comfort. These celestial entities, in their final blaze of glory, disperse elements into the vastness of the universe, transcending individuality to become part of something greater. It was an analogy that resonated with my personal journey, where challenges and transformations mirrored the cosmic cycle of creation and renewal.
The universe, with its mysterious attraction, has been a great source of inspiration for my art. While exploring the universe's mysteries, I discovered a profound connection between celestial narratives and my own experience - my logo was inspired by the cosmic tapestry.


Fun Fact: a supernova called SN2021roj was discovered on October 31st, 2021. This discovery confirmed my idea and gave me a sign from the universe itself to go ahead with my chosen name, ShellNova. It just so happened to be my birthday weekend too, which is on the 29th, and it was a magical moment I had with myself. The universe was telling me to embrace change and take a leap of faith, and I couldn't be more excited to see where this journey takes me.

On the other side of my creative universe lies the shell—It's a vital part of the artistic language that blends seamlessly with who I am. Shell, my affectionate nickname, holds a deeper significance beyond the mere coincidence of my name being Michelle. Ireland is my homeland and I love it so much! Every time I explore its beautiful emerald landscapes, I handpick shells that encapsulate its essence. They're like little symbols of the magic that makes Ireland so special.

The combination of cosmic and earthly elements gave rise to ShellNova - a fusion of celestial awe and earthly treasures. It reflects not only the cosmic echoes in my artistic expression but also the rooted connection to my Irish heritage. For me, it is a beautiful representation of my artistic journey, blending universal mysteries and the beauty of nature into a stunning visual emblem.

Discover the Magic Behind


 Welcome to the heart of my creative journey, where every stroke, hue, and pixel tells a unique story. The genesis of the ShellNova logo takes root in an old painting of mine—a captivating scene where a girl sits in contemplation amidst the mystique of ancient pyramids. Here, the fusion of traditional and digital art creates a captivating visual journey.


When I was working on my digital design for my logo, I had so much fun using a variety of colors and shapes to create a beautiful tapestry of pyramids. I wanted it to be intricate and seamless so that it would perfectly conceal the girl within. It was a dance of subtlety and complexity, a metaphor for the layers of meaning embedded in my art and life.

For the evolution of the logo, I drew inspiration from the masterpieces of Vincent van Gogh, particularly his iconic "Starry Night." His work's surrealism and cosmic infusion resonated deeply with my artistic vision. The rich hues and swirling patterns of "Starry Night" became the muse for the vibrant palette and dynamic design that now defines ShellNova.

Elevate Your Brand with Custom Animation- support small 

I was so excited to bring my vision to life, and I knew just the person to help me, a super-talented digital animator over at Mini Flute Studios, and he's been an amazing partner in bringing my ideas to reality. The animated video on the side of this page is a testament to his craftsmanship, seamlessly translating the essence of ShellNova into a visual symphony. For those captivated by the magic he weaved into my logo, consider this an invitation. Mini Flute Studios - 
For inquiries, collaborations, or to bring your own logo to life, reach out to Mini Flute Studios here. 

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